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We Provide Wi-Fi Enabled Touch Switches Along With That We Have Most Advanced Kinetic Switches And Wifi Enabled Smart Plugs. Convert Any Metal Object To Touch Switch.


We Have 24/7 Recording & Live Streaming 360° Cameras, Alarm Systems, Video Door Bell, Smart Biometric Door Locks That also provide all in one option, And Automatic Garage Door.


We Provide Full Range Of High Tech Energy Saving Sensors, Energy Monitoring systems & Along With That We Have Solar Roof Top Installation & Soler Heater.


We Have Multiple Option Of LED Lights With Automatic Sensor And Dimmable Capability, We Also Provide MW & PIR Sensors, Door, Wardrobe, Cabinet Sensors, And RGB Controller.


We Have Thermostats: Air Conditioning Automation, Curtain & Blind Fold Controller, Home Cinema Solution: Projector, Dolby Atmos Entertainment System And Tv Automation.


Phlipton Is One Stop Solution For All IOT Devices, Web Support & App Support, We Do Voice Assistance Integration And Solution For Warehouse, Building, Hospital, Hotel & Store.

Most Convenient way to Control Everything

Turning on/Off your lights, Maintain room Temperature, Control Fans or any devices that’s available in your room with just a tap on your phone app.

Personalize your activities as per your schedule

Say Good morning to switch off your AC and turn the shower on, say goodnight to turn your dimmable nightlamps and turn off everything and lock the doors automatically when you leave your home. This way design your own scenes to make every device obey your orders.

Give instructions to home and get the revert back.

With our wide range of Virtual voice assistant devices, you can order anything from making a cup of coffee or listen to your favorite rock music to turn on a party mode with studio lightings.

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We’ll Show You How It’s Done

  • Select the Automation packages available as per your usages and home/ office/ building size.
  • If you still want more than the inclusions of the package, simply add more amazing items available as an addon.
  • Finalize your order and we will send all your products to your doorsteps or we can also provide you a team of professional automation engineers and they will convert your home to smart home for you.
  • If that’s not enough, simply fill-up the form and we will get back to you with your customized setup configuration options.


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Technology use 

  • Home Automation 
  • Industrial Automation
  • Easy to Operate
  • Automate Operations

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